1) How many days in advance to order?

Orders for non-standard cakes (with additional decoration) are taken for 2-3 days in advance. Depend on the complexity of the order.

2) How much is 1 kg. cake?

Weighted cakes are from 10.90 to 14.90 AZN per 1 kg.

3) What is weigh of cake for 10 or 20 people?

Cakes for 10 people depending on the cake model weighs from 900 grams up to 1100 gram. Also cake for 10 people depending on the cake model weighs from 1800 grams up to 2200 gram.

4) Is it possible to order a cake by the phone?

You can order a standard model of the cake by the phone. Cakes with special decoration to be ordered at any AZZA shop.

5) What payment methods do you have?

You can always pay either by cahs or by cards. It depends what is more convenient for you. We accept all credit cards - MasterCard, Visa, Visaelectron, Maestro, also you can make a purchase with credit terms,by means of such cards as BolKart, Albalı and Albalı plus, as well as WorldCard.

6) Where I can find the catalogs of AZZA?

At the nearest AZZA shop you can check our catalog at any time within the day. Some part of our masterpieces can be found on our website azza.az and in social network: facebook.com/azzacakehouse.

7) Can I offer my own design of cake decoration?

Yes you can! You can always offer your own version of cake decoration and our pastry Chief-master will be happy to realize your sweet dream.

8) How can I get a job with company?

For full information on the recruitment process in our company, as well as about vacancies, please contact our HR by landline number: +994 (12) 440 5277.

9) Where I can write my suggestions and complaints?

At the nearest AZZA shop You can write your suggestions or complaints, we'll review it for sure. Also, you can write to our page Facebook and our email address azza@azza.az