We are ready to offer interesting opportunities for the motivated people to getting started with us not only work in a specific position, it is carrier opportunities to be improved company conditions and developed your abilities.

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Working with us you have an opportunity:

To climb the career ladder, provided a responsible attitude to the business. It's all about your effort!
To master the profession in the workplace subject to basic education. Everything is in your hands!
Grow up not only as a professional, but also as a person. It's all about your desire!
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Five benefits valued by our employees:

№ 1


Regularity and guarantee of payments, long-term employment and no fear of dismissal due to reductions.

№ 2

Working conditions:

Comfort, comfortable working rooms, labour safety, modern equipment, compliance with European quality standards, order and discipline, transparency of relations between the company and the employee, the stability of the work schedule.

№ 3

Training and career growth

Guaranteed career growth subject to a responsible attitude to business; training for the purpose of professional development and personality development.

№ 4


Friendly staff, team, corporate events.

№ 5


Responsive, understanding, fair, demanding, easy to communicate