Cake shop and sweets shop

Our cake shop and sweets shop are located in Baku. Without even knowing the exact location of the workshops, you won’t be mistaken - the delicious smells of cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa from confectionery products spread throughout the neighbourhood.

In our workshops, we are producing the most diverse products of confectionery:

Quality control

Quality control - this is one of the main secrets and target of the success of our products. All the ingredients used in the production process go through the several stages of verification, after thoroughly cleaned and only then are used in the preparation.

Selection of recipes

The recipe of our products selection considering all opinion of the each employee consideration. And all this in order to meet the requirements of our customers.


The production halls have introduced advanced technologies and installed modern equipment from the world leaders of the food industry, for example, furnaces and slow-fermentation camera Miwe, mixers Diosna, dough rolling machine Rondo, planting machines Bakon and others.

The tastes of our confectionery products have long been a classic, which you will not be confused with anything.

Currently, we are expanding our production to more people with delicious cakes and sweets.

Tour of AZZA Production

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