Fermezza is a dairy production farm which located in Ismaylli, one of the most ecologically clean regions of Azerbaijan and the whole Caucasus.

Feel the taste of nature!

We have attracted the best confectioners and cooks, organized cooperation with world brands of alcoholic beverages, chocolate and tea to please You and your dears.

Produced on the ecologically clean AZZA AGRO farm

The range of our products is constantly expanding and updated: cakes, sweets, pies, chocolate, tea, alcohol, as well as dairy products of our own production, which can only be purchased in the AZZA chain of stores.

Contains no preservatives ...

"AZZA” always carefully selected team of confectioners, cooks and managers which is many years of experience and knowledge, well-trained and friendly colleagues that can decorate any holiday or an ordinary meeting with an unforgettable taste.

Currently, on our farm, we produce dairy products such as:

We get milk on the farm from cows of the breed “Holstein Fritz” (Germany).

Herein, on a farm, cows receive special care: daily monitoring the health and cleanliness, special diet as well. Even in our own fields, we are ourselves producing the feed for cows, without chemicals using. All such kind additional works for to get high-quality milk.

Our products are of high quality since they did not contain preservatives, only real cow's milk. This is what gives our products a special village taste.

Our target is to increase the range of products produced on the farm and add new types of exclusive cheeses and more.

FERMAZZA Production Tour